We Sipped Midnight From A Greasy Spoon

We pressed so deep into fists, we couldn’t uncurl.

Poem by Glenn Ingersoll
Art by Jason White

We sipped midnight from a greasy spoon

We sipped midnight from a greasy spoon.

We wanted our change to be loose, or, at least, less tight.

We filled, kept filling after that, even when the top came off.

We got better at telling one sigh from another.

We learned the difference between a white lie and a good lay.

We pressed so deep into fists, we couldn’t uncurl.

We tried to make out whatever we were holding. 

We washed out the glass that bent sunbeams.

About The Artist

 Jason White is an artist residing in Illinois. He enjoys drawing and painting and seafood.

About The Author

Glenn Ingersoll works for the public library in Berkeley, California. Videos of his poetry reading & interview series Clearly Meant can be found on the Berkeley Public Library YouTube channel. Ingersoll’s prose poem epic, Thousand, is available from bookshop.org and as an ebook from Smashwords. His poem “Personal Testimony” was given a Special Mention in the 2022 Pushcart Prize anthology. He keeps two blogs, LoveSettlement and Dare I Read. Poems have recently appeared in Thieving Magpie, Furious Gazelle, and Trash Panda.

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