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Not A Creature Is Stirring

brown cookies with different designs

For christmas, we’re doing monsters & B movies!

Deadline is October 28th

We would like to see more essays and articles!

Cream Scene is Seeking

Editors, Techs, and Creatives

We need columnists on any conceivable subject: feminism, fashion, TV, science, and DIY. We need reviewers for films, books, weed, cereal and sex-toys. We need youtubers and tiktokkers. We need readers and editors!

Are you wild for EB White’s Manual of Style? Do spreadsheets excite you? Sign away two months of your life to serve as managing editor for an upcoming Issue. That’ll look sweet in your portfolio. No one here gets paid but we do it anyway. We must get some kind of sick satisfaction. Maybe it’s even fun. We enjoy bringing more weirdness to the world.

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