We have two upcoming issues….

Mum’s Garage Vol 1 has no official theme but there’s a developing focus on artists.

What is art? What makes an artist? When can one lay claim to the title?

In that context, we explore the following – AI, anime, cartoons, kink, extreme art.

The palette is bright and colorful. We’ll talk to Ferg Cooper about his queer pop art and to B. Shawn Cox about his Boufs series. Julia Licht will share her ceramic tricycles. AI artists will share work and and discuss AI as a creative tool.

We have a burst of horror and sci-fi planned for this issue.

Send us color, fun, nostalgia, your take on AI, pro or con, and thoughts on art. Send us fiction with artist protagonists or poetry about the artist experience.

Deadline is March 22, 2023

This issue is FULL

On May 1st, we’ll release “Mayday! Mayday!” Dark fae, Deleuzian & dystopian. Anarchy, revolution, anti-capitalism & worker’s rights.

The palette is dark – black and blue, blood red and deep violet. This is reflected in the writing and the artwork. So send us fiction and poetry that fits this palette. Give us the gritty city or the black forest. Show us where we’re headed and what we’re losing. Rile us up or break our hearts. At the same time, we’re feeling the ebullience of May, so we’re interested in flowers and fairies. Can all of this coexist? Yes, this issue is shaping up already and it’s lovely.

We have amazing features: Michael Campbell, fungal, sacred, psychedelic, and Oliver Pocsik, sensual, explosive, mythic. Both artists are exploring the intersection between the modern and the ancient.

For our fashion feature, we have the always brilliant Muotikummitus, as shown in this mock cover. The actual shoot is still top secret. We do love our surprises!

Deadline is April 22, but we accept as we go, and we’re filling up fast.

We would like to see more essays and articles!

Cream Scene is Seeking

Editors, Techs, and Creatives

We need columnists on any conceivable subject: feminism, fashion, TV, science, and DIY. We need reviewers for films, books, weed, cereal and sex-toys. We need youtubers and tiktokkers. We need readers and editors!

Are you wild for EB White’s Manual of Style? Do spreadsheets excite you? Sign away two months of your life to serve as managing editor for an upcoming Issue. That’ll look sweet in your portfolio. No one here gets paid but we do it anyway. We must get some kind of sick satisfaction. Maybe it’s even fun. We enjoy bringing more weirdness to the world.

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