We have no money and yet, we still have the nerve to need nerds, columnists, line editors, designers, techies and tik tokkers.

Experience at an unusual publication

Expedited chances to be featured in the mag. 

Your ideas can affect the future of Cream Scene. 

Work with weirdos from all over the world. Be part of a creative team, a member of our community, and connect with like-minded editors, writers and artists. 

Work closely with professionals to polish your work. 

We regularly publish the editors of other magazines, so you’ll gain insight into the process from both sides and get a feel for varying tastes. 

Meet future allies and collaborators. 

Interview your artistic heroes. 

Opportunities for portfolio building.

Creative / political expression.  

Written or phone references from EiC and Art Director.

The satisfaction of exposing people to cool art

The thrill of publishing transgressive, experimental art / artists that might not be published otherwise. 

Things to know about us:

We are the island of misfit toys

We are weirdos who publish weird stuff. We may publish content that is risky or taboo.

As a team, we are queer, fat, trans, neurodivergent, kinky, dorky, disabled, sexpos, bodypos and punk.

No one is a “boss.”

You do less or more as it suits you.

You take full sabbatical when you need it and return when you’re able.

It’s about community and art. 

We are kind to each other.

Cream Scene is Seeking

Editors, Techs, and Creatives

We need columnists on any conceivable subject: feminism, fashion, TV, science, and DIY. We need reviewers for films, books, weed, cereal and sex-toys. We need youtubers and tiktokkers. We need readers and editors!

Are you wild for EB White’s Manual of Style? Do spreadsheets excite you? Sign away two months of your life to serve as managing editor for an upcoming Issue. That’ll look sweet in your portfolio. No one here gets paid but we do it anyway. We must get some kind of sick satisfaction. Maybe it’s even fun. We enjoy bringing more weirdness to the world.

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