• Cowgirls Are Forever

    Cowgirls Are Forever

    A sturdy rope or chaps or a pair of boots, one exchanged for the other, seems more certain, more concrete.

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  • Blame It On My Big Dick

    Blame It On My Big Dick

    All of it.

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  • Hard Sleep

    Hard Sleep

    Featured Artist Michael Pajon and writer Glenn Ingersoll pair up for a small but unsettling poem.

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  • Spiders in the Daffodils

    Spiders in the Daffodils

    Stephan Trask didn’t mean to throw the sheriff through the front of the saloon window. It just happened to work out that way.

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  • Outta Dodge

    Outta Dodge

    “We moved out West for the air”… More violent delights, courtesy of Everett Ambrose, a horror writer, and Andrea Ledford, master of horrorscapes, in miniature.

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  • These Violent Delights

    These Violent Delights

    In the Wild West, pleasure leads to pain…

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