• Rage


    In her second Transfeminine Column, Jacklyn Henry is pissed – “Polite is a thing of the past.”

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  • Jeremy


    This John Grey poem is creeping up on us.

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  • Paradise


    The street was an experiment⁠ conceived in fine wine, laughter & rich goose fat. On one side lived the good people, on the other the bad.

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  • Trampled


    It’s just business…

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  • Uneventful Dystopia

    Uneventful Dystopia

    A trio of neo-comics from Issac Bell’s Uneventful Dystopia

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  • Apocalypse Road

    Apocalypse Road

    After we had reached the top of the cliffs and Instagrammed ourselves next to the sign that, predictably, read “End Times,” we sat on a soft pillow of dead bees.

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