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Art taps into the unconscious mind, and maybe, depending on how deep we’re into this day-drinking, we could even argue that we’re tapping into the COLLECTIVE UNCONSCIOUS. 

Art by David Edward Johnson

The Masked Man

CSC: Luis, you’re a garage rocker and spaniard, but you didn’t seem surprised when we told ya we wanted to feature you in Wild West. You seemed to think it was a natural fit.

Wild West not only ‘happened’ in the US but in México and other countries and it spoke Spanish also. Anyway, it is always the same history. Invaders destroy and annihilate until they take everything. Europeans did it in Africa & America and you Americans did it also within yourselves and to other countries. Endless history.

CSC: In the movies, a cowboy is motivated by love or vengeance. How ’bout you?

Both. I’ve recently discovered that I’ve got a superpower: I can create vengeance songs. Do not piss me off.

CSC: Are you a white hat or a black hat?

Always black….not always white.


Making miracles outta melted grains of sand.

Poem by Cream Scene’s Jake Price

Art by Wild West featured illustrator Motel Gemini

Eat Gold. Shit Cash.

Comic by Phil

Coming Out Of The Outhouse

The veiled traveler retains something of her last world and perceives the next.

Sunday AM Punk Rock Gospel(ish) by Dia VanGunten
Art by Caya Crum, a featured artist for Wild West
cactus plant

How to Make Love to a Saguaro Cactus

Once you have purged yourself of self-hatred, which, dear partner, is not our job to tell you how to do, just that you must do it, you can begin.

Prose Poetry Hybrid by Spencer Nitkey
Art by Thomas Plets

The Slow Grinding Train

In the pelvic floor valley….

Poem by Matt Bechtold
Art by Ben Lettery

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