Another editor joins the fun… 1870’s jacklyn henry turns up the heat..


he asks,

​are you going all the way?

and i smile, as i unsnap my bra,

drop my panties to the floor, and

ponder a simple man’s thought.

i ask,

​what do you mean?

he is sitting on the edge of a rented

bed, and i step closer, wearing

nothing more than red heels and

a cock ring.

he says,

​you know. all the way to being a woman.

another step forward, my cock brushes

against his lips. his mouth opens, as expected.

i say,

​why would i ever want to do that?

About jacklyn henry

jacklyn henry is a transfeminine genderqueer old bitch based on the fringe of insanity, Los Angeles. finally accepted their feminine self, jacklyn has been published here and there, and has a penchant for writing colorful tales of sex and sexuality. she also edits 1870 magazine, a sex positive online hideout.

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