Self Portrait

In this painting by Isabel Elena Pérez, we can smell the lemons.

Watch for this artist! See Girl Time by Isabel Elena Pérez – and Little Brat & Sleepwalking

About the Artist

Isabel Elena Pérez is an artist living and working on the Olympic Peninsula in Washington state.  Her most preferred medium is pastels and paper but she also creates work on pottery and with oil paints. Isabel grew up in a big city (Seattle) and like so many others, moved to the country for the first time during covid. Her work reflects a subtle clash between the chaos energy of cities and the simple and beautiful power that is nature. That soft and beautiful power is also reflected in her strong depictions of women and femininity.  

Isabel’s heritage is Cuban, Armenian and Lebanese, the aesthetics of which all make their way into her work.

Her pottery and her work on paper can be seen on the two linked Instagrams.

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