Art By Pancake Pie 360
Music by SchuYler VanGunten (Set to a poem by his sister.)


Geraldine, that crazy girl, left her home and family, 

to be a tightrope walker with Barnum & Bailey.

Geraldine, that frantic soul, stayed up all night long, 

Ballet dancing in the streets and howling at the moon.

Strangest girl they ever knew, 

You sit in the dark and you meditate, 

You tell them all where they can go.

Geraldine, that old blues melody, 

All she ever wanted was to be free.

Geraldine, they all love you,

Ya give em something to talk about, 

But you don’t mind, oh no, 

You’re too busy being Geraldine. 

Geraldine, she’s so mean, 

She threw that bum out on the street, 

Gave all his clothes to charity.

(He was starting to bore you, wasn’t he?)


Geraldine, that summer seductress,

sittin’ on her porch, eatin’ kiwi fruit, 

Reciting the words to a Beatles tune,

They all wanted to live like her.

Geraldine, oh, Geraldine, 

Although you were never a beauty queen, 

You ate your kiwi like you could be, 

And that’s all that matter’s Geraldine.

About The Artist

Pancake Pie 360 is everybody.

They are you or I.

But not me.

Is it you?

About The Musician

Schuyler VanGunten was born in Toledo, Ohio and has 5 siblings.

Sky studied music and now works as a sound engineer in Santa Fe, where he is happily married to his high-school sweetheart. He is the father of three children: Millie, Paul & Casper.

When Sky was just a tot, he saw a samurai creep across his wall.

About The Writer / Sis

Teenage Dia only had 1989 hair this one time, on picture day, because Tina Penrod came over before school with her curling iron.

Adult Dia is the EiC of Cream Scene Carnival and the unhinged writer behind the Pink Zombie Rose series.

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