The Masked Man

Wild West not only ‘happened’ in the US but in México and other countries and it spoke Spanish also.

An interview with Luis JazzMinero

The Masked Man

CSC: Luis, you’re a garage rocker and spaniard, but you didn’t seem surprised when we told ya we wanted to feature you in Wild West. You seemed to think it was a natural fit.

Wild West not only ‘happened’ in the US but in México and other countries and it spoke Spanish also. Anyway, it is always the same history. Invaders destroy and annihilate until they take everything. Europeans did it in Africa & America and you Americans did it also within yourselves and to other countries. Endless history.

CSC: In the movies, a cowboy is motivated by love or vengeance. How ’bout you?

Both. I’ve recently discovered that I’ve got a superpower:

I can create vengeance songs. Do not piss me off.

CSC: Are you a white hat or a black hat?

Always black….not always white.

CSC: What is your origin story?

My father was a successful football player & trainer. My mother grew up in a ‘señoritas house’. What a mix. As I child, I’d go to this house many times. I liked the people who lived there. I enjoy the outcasts. I grew into a garage rocker and a punk….a rebel.

I was a DJ and a studio musician. After 15 years, I decided to stop everything.

I needed stillness to get where I’m meant to go.

Now some years later here I am.

CSC: I once asked after the mask and you said an interesting thing. You said it ‘represents the white man in a devil attitude’ and the bad-asses who rise up to fight them, though they’re the ones with the least power…minorities, under dogs and queers.

Yes, it represents the Spaniard who mistreated the locals and so they called him ‘diablo’. Same thing as happened to the natives in America’s Old West.

CSC: This devil is a known character?

We know him, but he keeps coming back over time, always taking too much.

You mean to ask if the mask is from culture and yea, it’s a cusco / puno Peruvian carnival mask. Dia, it was so important to me to make a character, beyond identity.

I had to create a blank character, from scratch. It must come from zero, not built upon my past.

I do not want to be recognized for myself.

I am a mask. A story.

I just want people enjoy my music and videos, for themselves, and this mask is perfect to do that, but damn, it is so fuckin’ hot to wear it.

CSC: You’re the mysterious man behind the mask but you did mention in community jams that you’re a proud member of the LGBTQ community and a married man.

I am a proud LGTBQ man. I’ve learned that it is unnecessary to play with it, so I’m not behind a mask to hide. I’m not ashamed of who I am. I do my best everyday and love to help other people who need anything from me and my experience.

Luis! We love a good love story!

It was like a dream. I’m so grateful. I wasn’t satisfied by the way I lived then. I felt I was all wrong – within me – and I was looking for a sign. Something to say, yes, do make that change in life. I’m lucky because I did ‘SEE’ that signal. Since then, I’m 9 years married and 15 years living with my soul mate and partner. He’s Peruvian. I ove to visit his amazing country and visit our family there. I love the Peruvian culture.

I remember lots of  sleepless nights long time ago wishing and dreaming of a relationship with the right person, but I didn’t knew him then. And then it happens and becomes…real.

You’ve taken this outlaw approach where you release one song at a time.

I’ve released one song every month for almost a year. 10 songs until now, late July comes the 11th. I want to publish 24 songs at least.

Why’d you go that way and how is it working for you?

It’s a long story – a mixed feelings story. It takes me into the territory of death, love & anarchy…I jam with music to express these feelings.

I didn’t wanted to publish any of my songs, but my family and friends pushed me to publish some, so that’s what I’m doing…but I was so afraid to publish my songs. They were just shouts not songs. And I’ve never been big into social media before. I’m just a baby – a 6 month old (from January 2nd 2023). So it feels like wow, really a big success. I’m out here meeting and knowing all these amazing and loving people, like you and others. These people did not know me before. I’m no one to them. But they still believe in me.

Luis, your loved ones wanted you to see that it’s not just their biased opinion. I never realized how similar of a story / timeline we have. We’ll have to talk more on that later.

Of course. Always good to talk with you, Dia. GREAT GREAT GREAT QUESTIONS.

I love the way you know me.

Good Advice from Luis

  • Just publish singles’
  • Destroy your samples
  • Improvise and experiment
  • Remember you ARE nothing
  • Remember you GOT the power
  • Believe in your talent
  • Be rude if necessary
  • Push your sensitivity to the max
  • Love The Scene Creamers!!!!

Community Jam Flashback – I am Luis, JazzMinero.

Hola Creamers,

I am Luis, JazzMinero.

I live in the southeast of Spain.

I play Electronic Garage Rock music

Sticky music to dance & have fun.

I play everything in my music,

i do all multimedia stuff also.

Everything by myself.

emotion from risk, love & respect.

I wear always a mask, just play my multimedia material, that’s all, forget the person

Proud to be a lgtbq+ happily married member.

these are my footprints:

beck, fat boy slim, dj shadow, beastie boys, atari teenage riot, jon spencer, b-52’s, captain beefheart, link wray, music machine, redd kross, little richard, the clash, stiv bators, built to spill, superchunk, velvet undergroung, the fuzztones,cafe tacuba, los saicos, …..

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Ones song every month since 2022 september:

09/2022 JazzMinero – salvaje
10/2022 JazzMinero – tchsx3
11/2022 JazzMinero – vivir
12/2022 JazzMinero – turbulencia
01/2023 JazzMinero – junto am i
02/2023 JazzMinero – el baile
03/2023 JazzMinero – quierotodo
04/2023 JazzMinero –

Improvisation recordings

just impro. in the moment

makin’ good electronic music

then i destroy that electronic shit and turn into a  mix analog/digital song looking like an electronic garage rock band

guitars, keyboards, voices, lyrics, sampling

then edit edit edit, mix and masterisation

Everything at my little home studio

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