Name Calling

Jacklyn Henry shares a poem about growing up queer.

Writing by Jacklyn Henry
Art by Jesse Davis Karshner

name calling

i never minded

when the boys called me


in high school or college,

or at the gym, or walking

home from 7/Eleven.

i couldn’t deny

the truth.

as far as any classmates knew

i remained sole owner

to the title of


but that would be a false


i knew several other



some claimed to be


but i wonder

if they should be called


based upon activities

in which we sometimes engaged,

i found them to be closer to


or, at a minimum,


than anything else.

young men on the schoolyard,

in the classrooms, back alleys,

and barrooms,

are vicious and mean,

and fearful,

just as they were raised

to be

by fathers with similar challenges.

some of those fathers are


but i wouldn’t find that out

until years later.

About the Poet

jacklyn henry is a transfeminine genderqueer old bitch based on the fringe of insanity, Los Angeles. finally accepted their feminine self, jacklyn has been published here and there, and has a penchant for writing colorful tales of sex and sexuality. she also edits 1870 magazine, a sex positive online hideout. 

About the Artist

Jesse Davis Karshner is a California artist and a member of The Cream Scene Team, working in the Art Department.

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