• A Christmas Poo

    A Christmas Poo

    Provocateur. Drag performer. Performance artist. Surrealist. Her medium is embarrassment. Andie Flores, whether as a toilet or as baby Jesus, exposes the crap: our ever-present religious indoctrination or the embodied apology (which we drag around with us like a bear trap with its teeth in our leg). Cream Scene Carnival was fortunate enough to interview…

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  • Potluck


    Andy Peters brings a tin of beans to the holiday party but no one has a can opener.

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  • Forgetty


    Comic artist Seany Boy Draws had too much of Stoner Chef’s brie.

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  • Cannabis for Festivus

    Cannabis for Festivus

    Cream Scene’s Stoner Chef has an easy recipe for baked brie that’ll bake ya up real good.

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  • Unmerry Chair

    Unmerry Chair

    Another art piece by the wonderful Omar King!

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  • Fruitcake


    “I can’t stay, I have to get up early and make fruitcake.”  He begged me to just “do it later,” as if it’s something I can slack off on, like laundry or work, but he doesn’t understand.  From now until Christmas, making fruitcake will be my number one priority…

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