• Turn Left

    Turn Left

    I’ve heard, we all spend our lives trying to fall in love with our parents, and for me that means it’s a tie between fast cars and fast boys. And I’m trying to slow down, but some days I’m still all wild and yearning for twisting streets and burnt rubber.

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  • Trying To Hang in

    Trying To Hang in

    On my bedside she whispered about picking strawberries as I slept, and Richard Sassoon getting me prepared to meet my never. It was probably a decade of this inseparable connection with a dead person.

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  • The Charges Were Reversed

    The Charges Were Reversed

    I used to spend more time looking at the people around me but I know them now, the 8:15 AM weekday bus is all the same people doing the same things.

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  • Dream Crushes & Lunch Boxes

    Dream Crushes & Lunch Boxes

    I had a dream I won a dream date with John Travolta and it was so great & swell.

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  • Two Weeks After David Cassidy’s 22nd Birthday

    Two Weeks After David Cassidy’s 22nd Birthday

    You must understand the times, that David’s fans were largely pre-teenage girls, that David’s music was as safe as his winning smile, that our nation was exhausted from the Summer of Love.

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  • Party


    I wanted to cry so I called up my friends and invited them all over for a crying party.

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