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  • Nudie Suit

    Nudie Suit

    When I interviewed The Makers for Punk Planet, they were late coming into Austin from Dallas and hungry, so I showed up with Sam’s BBQ. They arrived like a pack of wolves in iridescent suits and brand new cowboy boots. I suggested nudie suits were next, and they liked the sound of that…

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  • Aftershaft


    The convertible is white on white—an ivory paint job and a tattered ragtop. The wings lower, tucking into the bird, and I rise up from the passenger seat. I ride in the clouds—no car seat, no seat belt, standing…

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  • Using


    Using a cartoon pig to sell sausage Is A Lot Like Using an animated mouse in a rat poison ad and A Lot Like Using an inflatable turkey to shill for Thanksgiving…

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  • Whatcha Watching, Billy?

    Whatcha Watching, Billy?

    Billy’s watching the world fucking burn, Earl. Billy’s watching the news report about the polar ice caps melting, and no one gives a damn, and even if they did, no one can do a fuckin’ thing…

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