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Art taps into the unconscious mind, and maybe, depending on how deep we’re into this day-drinking, we could even argue that we’re tapping into the COLLECTIVE UNCONSCIOUS. 

Textile arts by Muotikummitus

Going Fungal With Michael Campbell

You mention William James in your artistic statement. Any other philosophical influences?  

I’ve really been inspired by studying Lao Tzu and Taoism. The Tao has been a great lens to view and be made aware of the inherent rhythms and cycles of nature. Through the Tao, you understand the value of living in alignment with nature and how inserting one’s will creates suffering. The Taoist idea of flow state or Wu Wei seems very psychedelic to me.

Also, Nietzsche’s concept of Amor Fati or love of one’s fate, embracing life as it is, has shaped the way I see my world. It’s made dealing with the more difficult moments like the death of one’s parents more bearable. It helps me to see life along a continuum, in flux, between peaks and valleys, and to try to embrace the tragedy along with the triumphs.

Some of the darker moments of my life have greatly influenced and contributed to my becoming an artist. So the obstacles become the way, so to speak.  

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Working Mother

Julia Licht documented her experience as an artist – and then a mother & artist – in New York City. Through those sketchbooks, we glimpse the labor of motherhood and the challenge of holding onto art during parenthood.

Glamour Boys

This series by David Edward Johnson is an excavation of culture.


I am not watermelon. Or an interstate weigh station, semi-truck trailers lined up to perform their mandated duties.

Writing by Julie Allyn Johnson / Art by Katy Somerville

Monkey Lunchbox Diptych

Before starting a new position, Bobby Parrot packed his monkey lunchbox with two surrealist poems…some 9-5 sustenance.

Like Water To Oil

“A winsome puzzle, Indeed”

The working woman is reimagined in surrealist speculative fiction.

Writing by Alysa Levi-D’Ancona / Art by Pancakepie360

April Showers Bring May Flowers

Muotikummitus returns with the seasons to give us more transformative fashion.

Textile arts / Photography / Modeling by Moutikummitus

Cakeface Makes A Scene

If we put a clown in all these places and we hyper focus on,  ‘Am I the weirdest thing in this location? Or can we just accept that like, like, shits like a bit fucked in Melbourne?’

The clown might not actually be the most fucked up thing here.

Cream Scene’s J Bird interviews performance / noise artist Cakeface

Seeds That Grew From Stone

At the center of a ravenous universe, a giant eye blinks in the black. The eye sees everything: dead men rising and roses growing from rocks. Roses glowing like ghosts because they haven’t yet been planted but they are taking over. Now they will be planted, they’ll make sure of it, even if they have to cheat. The roses are drunk on ghost power. As a light being, you can understand. It’s intoxicating to escape the mortal coil, to see into your very cells, polluted with porn and microplastics. Your corpse is a hyper object. You feel this keenly as the omnipotent iris opens wider and wider until you begin to wonder if you’re being sucked into a black hole. You are.

Writing by Dia and art by Beppi

Glamour Boys by David Edward Johnson

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