Laundry Day

Mom’s pink lace panties on the drying rack, white flag of surrender. 

Writing by Hana Damon-Tollenaere
Assemblage Art by Ingrid M. Calderón Collins, Featured Artist for Mum’s Garage II

Laundry Day 

Mom’s pink lace panties on the drying rack White flag of surrender 

When you grow up like us 

Every last scrap of information 

Can be a clue, a warning 

You go insane searching for them, thinking If only I’d payed attention better 

I’d have seen it coming 

I’d have been able to stop it 

But peace treaties made in the night 

Are never safe in the harsh light of day In the kind of love I know 

After the fucking always comes the fighting Twin planets orbiting the same dark star Maybe that’s why I 

Like fucking slowly so much 

I want to draw it out, savor every last drop Suck every little bit of happiness I can from it Because once it’s over, I know what’s coming next 

My mom is not a pink lace thong kind of girl Which begs the question 

Had they even fucked? 

Or has he been so catatonic this week that She’s had to do everything 

And ran out of time for her own laundry And had to wear those frilly pink panties Because they were the last ones in her drawer And did they mock her with their scratchy lace Saying look what you do for him that he Can never do for you

About The Author

Hana Damon-Tollenaere is a 21-year-old writer, studying biology in Santa Barbara, CA. She lives with her girlfriend, also a writer, and is the proud step-mommy of two frogs, two snakes, and one gecko. She has been too shy to ever submit poetry for publication before this year, but her one writing claim-to-fame is that as a teenager, one of her poems won a gold key and then a gold medal in the Scholastic National Art & Writing Awards. She is currently working on her first full-length volume of poetry.

About the Artist

Ingrid M. Calderón Collins is a poet and tarot reader. She is the author of twenty-seven poetry books. She lives in Los Angeles, CA with her husband, painter John Collins.

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