Smoking Lessons

Dhimaan took out one from the pack, then lit it expertly, and passed it down to me. “We must be fast.”

Writing by Shamik Banerjee
Assemblage Art by Ingrid M. Calderón Collins, Featured Artist for Mum’s Garage II

Smoking Lessons 

From what I can recall, my school’s

Large field had one decrepit tent,

Haulm-made and incommodious;

The Sanskrit prof was odious—

We skived one of his talks and spent

Much time in that place (though the rules

Were strict) to learn to smoke a fag.

Dhimaan took out one from the pack

Then lit it expertly, and passed

It down to me. “We must be fast.

That ratty watchman might be back

At any time. Don’t sip it! Drag!

Think of it as Claire’s pointy jug.

With pursed lips, suck the filter tip.”,

He blurted out while teaching me.

As if it were sweet herbal tea,

We finished quick and managed to slip

By; each one like a stealthy thug.

About the Author

close up photo of green leaf

Shamik Banerjee is a poet from India. His poems are forthcoming in The Hypertexts, Lighten Up Online, Westward Quarterly and Disturb The Universe.

About the Artist

Ingrid M. Calderón Collins is a poet and tarot reader. She is the author of twenty-seven poetry books. She lives in Los Angeles, CA with her husband, painter John Collins.

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