The thing about gossip is that it requires a suspension of disbelief.

Writing by Bruce Morton
Assemblage Art by Ingrid M. Calderón Collins, Featured Artist for Mum’s Garage II


The thing about gossip is

That it requires a suspension

Of disbelief. It is a religion.

Holy shit.

It is the most sacred shit

There is. No other shit

Comes close. It is

Not necessarily malicious

Or true; just interesting

Enough to elicit an OMG.

Just enough whine to close

Communion with anyone,

Stranger, friend, or acquaintance.

No guilt, no need to confess

Intent or consequence.

It is the kind of shit

You hear about but

Almost have to see

To believe. Holy shit!

Can you believe this shit?

You do not need to know 

Your shit to talk shit.

No shit.

About the Author

wet leaf

Bruce Morton divides his time between Montana and Arizona. His work has appeared widely in the mags. He was formerly a librarian.

About the Artist

Ingrid M. Calderón Collins is a poet and tarot reader. She is the author of twenty-seven poetry books. She lives in Los Angeles, CA with her husband, painter John Collins.

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