Ghost Fairy

Nona Lea hosts another haiku contest…this one is inspired by Arapaima Illustration’s Ghost Fairy.

Edited by Nona Lea
Poetry by Sam Messersmith & Honorable Mentions
Art by Arapaima Illustrations

Mycelium shield

Mycellium shield

a liminal legend waits

secrets remain sealed

Honorable Mentions

Lost in mushroom fields

What a wee fairy, am I,

Warily, hidden.


I live in a dream 

Hoping to be awakened 

By nothing I’ve seen. 


About The Artist

Arapaima Illustrations is a visual artist whose art focuses on the strange and mystical. She loves nature, the ocean, and all things strange. Once a painter of semi-abstract nudes, her work now focuses on imagining alien life.

About Sam Messersmith

a person in white cloth standing on a grassy field

Sam Messersmith is a certified nature and forest therapy guide, writer, poet, and (apparently) still trying to figure out what she wants to be when she grows up.

She loves cats, her husband, and the ancient hills of West Virginia that she and her family call home.

You can find her musings on substack.

About the Editor

When Nona Lea isn’t writing essays on mythos, literature, and ecology, she works on her poetry collection. On the first Saturdays of the month, she hosts generative workshops with Speak The Word and hosts weekly haiku prompts on her IG, @poet_lea.

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