The Sphinx

Muotikummitus is a mystery.

Photography and textile arts by Muotikummitus

About The Artist

Muotikummitus, born 1971 in Finland, is an artist who works in a variety of media. Their work is based on DIY. Everything is done by themselves from designing the looks, making the outfits, hair and make-up, modeling and photography. They enjoy the search for different materials, upcycling secondhand materials and other finds. They get the inspiration from these, how to transform these old bits and bobs into something glamourous or fantastically weird. Their work focuses on alternative subcultures, fashion and gender. Muotikummitus likes to provoke with their work by challenging gender roles or stereotypes through playful and thought-provoking pieces. They also like to use working with various media as a way to investigate the process of working with different techniques or materials.

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