Wicked Witch Of The Midwest

Cream Scene Encounters a Witch For Hire…

“I have always been a fan of the film Wizard of Oz and I love all the characters, even the witch.”

I’m impressed by this gig you’ve invented for yourself and I’m fascinated by you and how this whole thing came to be. I have so many questions!

I have answers!

How’d you get into it? Was it something you dreamed of for a long time? How’d you choose your lewk? Who hires you? How do kids respond? Is that too many?

No! For starters, I have always been a fan of the Wizard of Oz movie and I love all the characters, even the witch. I had befriended a professional wicked witch impersonator from southern California back in 2005, so I’m not the first of my kind. Back then I wasn’t planning on doing it myself. I didn’t consider doing it professionally until 2020, when all of the COVID stuff was happening. It was so strange too, because while so many people got sick with COVID, or lost loved ones, I was working on new projects and this was one of the things I kept coming back to. I’m not sure if I would had thought of it or really considered to do it if COVID didn’t happen…. but I am glad that I did, and that I am doing this now.

Lockdown triggered a wave of creativity, spurring many of the projects we’ve seen here at Cream Scene. For some, it was the introspection, or keeping busy, for others, they were processing tremendous loss.

It was a difficult time in the world. Everyone was going through it, all of us, all at once.

For me, creative work was an escape, while many felt a rush of liberation, released from the stranglehold of late stage capitalism. Why was it so productive for you?

It wasn’t as simple as having more time off work, but it was a lot easier because most of my work is independent contracting…so I was able to take the time off.

What was the scariest part of becoming a wicked witch?

I ended up hearing sound clips of the Wicked Witch from the Oz movie, and another impersonator, and I just knew I wanted to be like that.

I knew I had to get the voice down and I feel and know I can do it!

Would you say the voice was the most challenging part for you because, it was so important to you that you did it right?

Yes, you are right about that. The voice was important because it can be easy to act as a character but the voice needed to be pretty exact. So I would listen to those recordings of the Witch and practice, doing my best to match the effect, as much as possible.

How is the voice going so far?

It’s great, and I continue to be happy about how I am doing it. I was even endorsed during a private conversation with a Dorothy impressionist, who portrays Judy as Dorothy Gale around the country here in the United States. She said, “You sound really good, Aaron”.  So it’s nice to know that even on the professional side that I can sound that good! 

It means a lot coming from someone like her.

How is the venture going so far?

I was able to do an event as the witch this past early fall 2023. It was fun! I have gotten a few endorsements already which are really wonderful!

And now you’re the fashion cover for Thirteen Days of Halloween.

Yea! Crazy!

The witchy aesthetic is big right now and there’s so many flavors of witch? How’d you choose your lewk?

I chose the look to be a little bit of the Wicked Witch from the Wizard of Oz movie…but also more creepy, in a different way, with the mask that I use.

Tell us about the accessories – especially that broom.

I built it, by hand. For the handle, I got a rounded walking stick and sanded it down and then spray painted it a darker brown.  It is really unique but also “classic.”

How do kids respond to this classic witch?

With kids, it can be a tricky thing I have learned. At the last event, there were a number of kids. Some came up to me right away and with others, it went a bit slowly, and since I was in character the whole time as the Witch I didn’t want them to be too scared! So I would say things in my wicked witch voice like:

“Oh don’t be scared my child” and “Oh, come here, I won’t hurt you – it’s going to be okay.”

Their parents are either right next to them or off to the side, and they are always smiling and seem happy about it the whole time.  Sometimes, I will come up to others and surprise them, so it’s a lot of fun to play the Witch.

What kind of events do you do?

I can be hired to do Halloween Parties, and any kind of haunted house, but it’s more then just any kind of Halloween event or party. It’s all year around! I can be the witch at your event, or gathering and even do a meet & greet or corporate event.

What about if a girl wanted you to break up with her douchebag boyfriend who is always calling her a witch?

I am looking forward to what the future will hold.

Hire The Witch!

My name is Aaron Pacentinen and I was able to write and develop a show about Elvis & Dorothy meeting each other and singing various Elvis & Judy Garland songs.

For anyone wanting to book The Wicked Witch Of The Midwest, please contact me by email or visit my web site or DM on IG.

My rates will be affordable to all!

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