Blackhole Was A Chance Discovery

So are ships buried here?

Poem by Bharti Bansal (#5 & #6 in Blackhole series)
Artwork is “Here, Be Home With Me” by Featured Artist Michael Pajon

About the Author

grayscale photography of person at the end of tunnel

Bharti is a 25 year old woman from India currently living in Himachal Pradesh, India. She loves cats

About the Artist

Pajon’s work has been exhibited at Prospect 1.5 (curated by Dan Cameron), New Orleans, LA;  Adam Baumgold Gallery, New York, NY; Nau-haus Art Space, Houston, TX; Jonathan Ferrara  Gallery, New Orleans, LA, the Illinois State Museum, Chicago, IL, and the Chicago Cultural  Center, Chicago, IL.  His work has been shown in numerous art fairs including VOLTA New York,  VOLTA10 (Basel, Switzerland), Miami Project, Art on Paper (New York, NY), Nova Art Fair Bridge  London, Aqua Art Fair (Miami, FL), Next Art Fair (Chicago, IL), Texas Contemporary Art Fair  (Houston, TX), Art Market San Francisco, and the SeaQle Art Fair. 

He has been featured in Artnet, Artslant, Basler Zeitung, Daily Serving, Forbes,  Installa9on  Magazine, Juxtapoz, Kolaj Magazine, New Orleans Advocate, Oxford American, Pelican Bomb  and Where Magazine. His work appears in numerous public and private collectons including  Internatonal Collage Center (New York, NY), 21 Museums (Louisville, KY; Cincinnati, OH;  Bentonville, AR; Durham, NC), Purchase College (Purchase, NY ), the Francis H. Williams  Collec9on (Wellesley, MA), and the collecton of Thomas & Dathel Coleman (New Orleans, LA).  

Pajon has lived and worked in New Orleans, LA since 2009.  (See Full bio below. )

green cactus plant

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