yippee-ky-yay, honey

“I’m Jacklyn,” she says, in a deep whiskey voice.

Poem by Jacklyn Henry
Art by Motel Gemini

yippee-ky-yay, honey

ride into town after 100 days of loneliness

hustling cows up from Texas,

up around Kansas City way.

buy a room and a bottle at Miss Stacy’s Saloon

pay for a bath and a smile to help

wash away the stink of endless days

and solitary nights.

Miss Stacy says, this one’ll do you right,

the road may start a little bumpy but it smooths out all right.

i’m Jacklyn, she says in a deep whiskey voice.

it’s been too long to care and i strip on command.

she washes free the grit of the trail,

the ache of the saddle, her smile beguiles me

in an unfamiliar way.

after half a bottle of whiskey and her delicate touch,

i pay no mind to her anatomical vicissitude,

just another couple fucking,

as long as the sheriff doesn’t check in.

i ask if i can see her, next time i come rumbling.

and she smiles most peculiarly, i’m here every night.

Miss Stacy takes payment and i say, i love her.

Miss Stacy just smiles, says, Cowboys always do.

About The Author

jacklyn henry is a transfeminine genderqueer old bitch based on the fringe of insanity, Los Angeles. finally accepted their feminine self, jacklyn has been published here and there, and has a penchant for writing colorful tales of sex and sexuality. she also edits 1870 magazine, a sex positive online hideout.

About The Artist

Motel Gemini is mysterious, but you’ll get to know them throughout this Wild West issue as they ride with us from start to finish.

glowing neon light on street with parked cars at night

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