Bolo Tie Guy

In our final Wild West fashion feature, we meet the bolo tie guy…

Real motherfuckers know I’ll still make them a badass satanic bolo. Or one with a saint on it.

Art and writing by Huck Loggins

Ya gotta tell us….why bolo ties? How’d ya become the bolo tie guy?

I got in a fight at the tattoo parlor I normally go to and one of the artists ripped off my favorite Motörhead badge during the scuffle. They kicked me out and I wiped my blood all over the window like an asshole, but my personal tattoo artist saved the pin for me. I turned it into a bolo. My roommate liked it and asked for one, and suggested I make them for profit.

That’s how it started.

I was also a dope head at the time so the next bolo would be my next fix, which helped drive me. I’m clean now. Probably why I make way less bolos lol.

I made all the bolos for my sister’s lesbian wedding. They were all Florida themed, lizards and stuff. There’s where I’m from.

I moved out to Oakland about 12 years ago after a tour supporting Paul Collin’s Beat. I was in a girl group called Garbo’s Daughter haha. I played drums. I’ve been in a lot of bands but currently I’m focusing on video work.

I was dating a girl with the last name LaVey at the time, so I got a lot of work from Satanists. Sold them Polaroids too. Me and my girl would split the profits. That community is very interested in “x degrees from Anton LaVey’s dick” in my experience.

I still love the imagery though, and I never put down what works for someone.

Real motherfuckers know I’ll still make them a badass satanic bolo. Or one with a saint on it.

Shit, I don’t care. I just prefer making the ones I would actually rock.

I have a Venom got with inverted crucifix tips that’s ones of my favorites. I was raised Catholic, so there probably still some baggage there.

About The Bolo Tie Guy

Huck Loggins makes unique and custom bolos for freaks, rockers, cowpeople, nerds and fuck-ups.

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