Caya Crum: A Young Talent in the Heart of Texas

“I’ve been surrounded by cowboy culture since I was small. My great grandad, J.Y Crum, was a Cowboy during the first half of the 20th century.”

An Interview with Caya Crum / All artwork by Caya
Caya, you’re amazing and already kicking so much butt with your art. You gotta tell us this cowgirl’s origin story…

My western series originates from my love of my home state, Texas. I have grown up in Fort Worth, Texas my whole life and have been surrounded by cowboy culture since I was small. My great grandad, J.Y Crum, was a Cowboy during the first half of the 20th century. The stories my grandfather tells in combination with the concentration of western influence from my hometown has been a large source of inspiration for me.

Are you a white hat or a black hat?

I would have to say neither- I love hot pink!

Do you think your interest in western themes is cultural? Culture at large or closer to home? Does a young Texan paint cowpokes and whataburgers?

My interest in western themes is definitely due to my proximity to so much cowboy history within my own family and my city (we are known as Cowtown!). With my western series, I combine the traditional western art movement with pop art colors while inserting a sense of female empowerment- which is very close to my heart.

In the westerns, the hero is motivated by love or vengeance. What motivates you?

I am motivated by pure love! I just want to spread positivity with my artwork!

Your work is imbued with humor and magic. Do you consider yourself a magical realist?

I love to add a whimsical feel to my artwork. I do this by using saturated colors to create unreal landscapes that feel like dreams straight out of the Wild West. I would definitely consider myself a magical realist!

Can you tell us a bit about your materials, process and inspirations?

To create my work, I use a variety of mediums from watercolors and acrylic to latex paint to film photography to collage, pen and ink and charcoal. I am inspired my funky musicians and bands such as David Bowie and Pink Floyd. I am also inspired by the annual rodeo that takes place each year in my hometown. I love seeing everyone get dressed up to have a good time.

Artists are an innovative bunch so I’m wondering if you have an unusual tool that you can’t live without.

This may not classify as a traditional tool, but an object I must keep within inches of me each time I create is my beloved record player. No matter what time of day, season, or any other external factors that may be in the way of me and my artwork, I am always able to just play one of my favorite albums and center myself to be in tune with the moment.

Music definitely qualifies as a creative tool!

Any advice for other young artists who might want to follow you across the desert?

The bandwagon for western art and artists is wide open, so don’t be afraid to hop on!

What’s next for Caya Crum?

C response: Currently, I am working on a series of mini books/zines starring my dog, Edie Crum, and her adventures around the world.

We honestly can’t wait to see your journey unfold. Thank you for letting CSC be part of it.

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