Cowgirls Are Forever

A sturdy rope or chaps or a pair of boots, one exchanged for the other, seems more certain, more concrete.

Writing by LB Sedlacek
Art by Motel Gemini

Cowgirls Are Forever

It doesn’t matter how you
hear it those three words
that seem to mean everything
and to sometimes mean nothing
unlike salting fish salting meat
a definite and deliberate act
not mired in questions or
wondering if what was said
is real or even true
a sturdy rope or chaps
or a pair of boots
one exchanged for the other
seems more certain more concrete
never replacing the water or
even the poetry you uttered
in my ears when you
said that you loved me
you took a lasso and
reeled me in never measuring
any word of it at

About the Author

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LB Sedlacek has had poems and stories appear in a variety of journals and zines. Her poetry has been nominated for Best of the Net. Poetry books include “Swim,” “The Poet Next Door,” “Happy Little Clouds,” and “Words and Bones.” Her latest fiction book is “The Jackalope Committee and Other Tales” published by Alien Buddha Press. Her fiction books include the award nominated mystery “The Glass River” and “Four Thieves of Vinegar & Other Short Stories.” Her short stories “Backwards Wink” and “Sight Unseen” both won 1st Place Prose for different issues of “Branches” literary magazine in 2022. LB also enjoys swimming and reading.

About The Artist

Motel Gemini is mysterious, but you’ll get to know them throughout this Wild West issue as they ride with us from start to finish.

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