Blame It On My Big Dick

All of it.

Poem By G.R. Tomaini
Art by Isalu Ishii

Blame It On My Big Dick

Blame It On My Big Dick —
Blame It All On My Big Dick !
Angels ’ s Tears And Moonlit Howls —
Stifled Lives And Raw Hot Pink Bowels !
Liar ’ s Deceit : Grunts Of Doe – Eyed Harlem Twinks :
Lover ’ s Quarrels , Bitter Defeats . . .
Blame It On My Big Dick —
Blame It All On My Big Dick !
Climate Change : Economic Recessions :
Wars : Whores : Bores : Smoores . . .
Blame It On My Big Dick —
Blame It All On My Big Dick !
Tarantulan Snares : Double – Dipping Little Snakes . . .
Problems In Your Life : Pornos : Raunchy Affairs !
Pitiful And Hopeless Boys : Harmful Ploys :
Challenging Fellatio For An Insufferable Garçon . . .
Blame It On My Big Dick —
Blame It All On My Big Dick !

About The Art

Isalu Ishii is a formally trained Italian linguist turned artist. Ishlii’s rt is a whimsical cacophony of lines and colors, described unanimously as camp and queer,
Favourite anything Western, I’ve got to say, any Sergio Leone / Ennio Morricone combo and the spaghetti Western phenomenon!

About the Writing

G.R. Tomaini is a prolific writer and thinker known for his contributions in poetry, philosophy, ethics, global justice, and theology. As a First-Generation LGBTQ Federal McNair Scholar, he has authored nine books, including seven captivating poetry collections. His philosophical monographs are the “Encyclopedia of American Idealism: Toward a Novel Method and System of Philosophy,” and the “Tractatus Perfectio-Philosophicus: Or, Discourses on the Dharma of Civilization and its Odyssey toward International Harmony.” Tomaini’s poetry books, such as “Ballad of An American Ganymede: Explorations of Queeritude In Fifty Seven Cantos” and “The Rainbow Cantos: Two Attempts At Queering The Canon,” have received critical attention. His works have been featured in esteemed publications, including those by Outcast Press, Selcouth Station Press, Agapanthus Collective, Cream Scene Carnival Magazine, Decadent Cosmos Press, the American Writer’s Review, and Roi Fainéant Press. Notably, Tomaini’s writings have garnered recognition from influential intellectuals like Cornel West, Gayatri Chakravorty Spivak, and Slavoj Žižek. He resides in none of your fucking business.

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