These Violent Delights

In the Wild West, pleasure leads to pain…

A comic by Caribbean artist Carlos Arturo Rodriguez Moros, A.K.A Cine Sin Lata.

About The Artist

Carlos Arturo Rodriguez Moros A.K.A Cine Sin Lata is a caribbean artist living in Europe. He went to film school and worked for many years in television, from copywriting and video editing to creative management. Drawing though, was always his big interest. His mother, a watercolorist, signed him up very early in his childhood in art classes, where he learned to draw, ink and paint with several techniques. That training and early screenings of Rod Serling’s The Twilight Zone and horror classics like The Creature from the Black Lagoon lead him, many years later and away from his Venezuelan soil, to mix his comic book influences, B movies passion and love for psychedelic art into this weird mix that he calls Cine Sin Lata, which translates into something like “Movie without a (film) can”, a concept that can be open for different interpretations.

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