Space Between Stars

“You see the Universe is constantly changing.” 

Hybrid poem by FR Anderson
Art by Motel Gemini

The Space Between Stars 

Mandy hated her freckles, but I liked them. She was a ginger with super long straight strawberry blond hair and a smash of freckles across the bridge of her nose. Freckles were smeared over her shoulders in a brilliance of life. They illuminated the back of her neck when she put her hair in a ponytail. I smiled as she laid face down on a blanket, her super pale skin glowing, which gave me an idea. I sat cross legged on the floor next to her.

“Your back contains many undiscovered constellations. “

I traced the first one with a soft finger tip calling out its name with much aplomb.  Then the next.  And next.  My sliding touches created goosebumps on her skin (silly goose).

It became one of her favorite things to do.

I once traced a constellation on her shoulder blade, “You already discovered that one and you named it Ghost Dog Arrow.” I had to quickly shift gears and engage my mind…..idea….ahhh. 

“You see the Universe is constantly changing.” 

She relaxed and let me trace the pattern of this “new” constellation.

About the Author

FR Anderson II is a self-described “neo-hedonist.”

About The Artist

Motel Gemini is mysterious, but you’ll get to know them throughout this Wild West issue as they ride with us from start to finish.

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