No Rest

Another outsider comic by Benjamin Lettery’s Haunted Hand.

Art by Benjamin Lettery

About Benjamin Lettery’s Haunted Hand

Benjamin Lettery’s Haunted Hand Born near Dogs Bay in Ireland Connemara in 1991.I started drawing around 6 years old sitting at the corner of the kitchen table, looking at everything around me, hiding from too and taking a position not only building a shield for the rest of my life, I did not know that at the time obviously but it was that, that feeling I still carry with me. I did not stop.In my family they used to say that I had the hand haunted, meaning that I was always drawing. The hand yes but not only…Around 10 we moved to Los Angeles and it’s true that I explored the city through my drawings, this wild west made of what you see and what you hear and it helped me a lot to find my space and a taste for moving and travelling.Still now daily I drop on paper, moments, characters, dreams, memories, real or invented…Nailing shadows, sharing my love for freely doing as “There is nothing like drawing” and so just 3 months ago I started an Instagram.In terms of influences I would say, Mike Kelley, Louise Bourgeois, George Herriman, Martin Kippenberger, Jim Shaw, Fletcher Hanks, Fugazi, Yeves Chaland amongst others. I love digging and being haunted more and more…Mountains and places I went or not, highways, backyards and waves too opened my mind to freedom, mysteries and tolerance.
I’m actually living in Europe and hope soon to go back to live on the West Coast between L.A and Vancouver.

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