Mary Jane

As she leaves, a new white will take her place.

Writing by Katie Stollmack
Art by Ingrid M. Calderón Collins

Mary Jane

Inspired by Maggie Nelson’s Bluets

Some things do change, though. Mary Jane, the lamb you named when you realized no one else would, will soon be sent to slaughter–any day now, the brutal white trucks will come. All that lush wool, that pure creamy white you’d bury your face in, gone forever. As she leaves, a new white will take her place. Sterile and blinding and nothing like her, it will blanket your green fields. Look, they’re already tinged with autumn’s yellow-brown.  It will crack the leaves and force the animals under the barn’s cover and you will welcome it. You will surround yourself with this new white, let it crystallize your eyelashes as it coats your woolen gloves. Even as you enter that saccharine room of yellow, you’ll stare into eyes and remember, remember the shame that chased you into Mary Jane’s pasture so long ago, long gone, and the pride that imagined you could bestow a name onto this doomed, gentle creature. As if you had any right.

About the Author

Katie Stollmack is a student and writer based in Atlanta and Pennsylvania. She has been published in a number of student publications and runs her own online art and literature magazine. She is currently working on a novel about girls who mysteriously transform into birds at the onset of puberty.

About the Artist

Ingrid M. Calderón Collins is a poet and tarot reader. She is the author of twenty-seven poetry books. She lives in Los Angeles, CA with her husband, painter John Collins.

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