Family Gatherings

I don’t like it sober or high, pretending not to mind.

Written by Daniel McGuire & Steve Adams
Art by Shad Clark

Family Gatherings

When uncle Jimmy uses jew

As a verb 

Same as grandpa did

I don’t like it sober

Or high

Pretending not to mind—

Comforted by the fog

We grew up in.

About the Authors

Dan McGuire is the rocksar poet behind The Unknown Instructors – an all-star improvisational rock outfit that features the former rhythm section of Minutemen and fIREHOSE, bassist Mike Watt and drummer George HurleySaccharine Trust members, guitarist Joe Baiza and vocalist Jack Brewer; (and vocalist/saxophonist Dan McGuire.)

They have been described as “an all-star reunion of alumni from the SST stable of yore”[2] and Henry Rollins called it a dream lineup.

Dan McGuire is an old friend to Cream Scene.

Steve Adams is maybe the real author by Dan’s own late-night admission.

About the Artist

Shad Clark is a writer, filmmaker, and multidisciplinary visual artist. His work explores the liminal spaces between being and otherness through stories and imagery delving into nature, body horror, science, and technology.

Clark’s original short films have played festivals around the world and, along with original screenplays, they have won awards and other recognition. Clark has worked as a collaborator and creative mercenary on other films, as well as in marketing the occasional comic, and a handful of games.

Lately, Clark’s been exploring and visualizing some more ambitious ideas through digital compositing and collage, using original manipulated photography and assets he’s art directing to AI. When not working in socially explosive art and fiction, Clark researches and writes about animals and environmental issues.

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