Cold feet & Blueberry Kisses

Your fingertips on my cheek, they said good luck.

In a double whammy from Italy, we have poet Lejla Demiri and featured artist Isalu Ishii…

Poem by Lejla Demiri
Artwork Isalu Ishii

Cold feet & Blueberry Kisses

Infatuated in trusting my instinct

kind and tender

giving and colorful

Cold skin blueberry taste 

show me i’ll feed you

make me laugh

tenderness in the quick, soft kiss you gave me 

staying together just to stay together

to make us stop and rest

come here,

i cared, i really cared

clouded minds, same love, different lives 

i loved you, because i loved myself

i want you to think of me as much as i think of you

remember me as much as i remember your kind touch 

your fingertips on my cheek

they said good luck

Isalu Ishii is a featured artist for Wild West and Isalu’s boys will be a’romp all issue long.

About The Artist

Isalu Ishii is a formally trained Italian linguist turned artist. Ishlii’s rt is a whimsical cacophony of lines and colors, described unanimously as camp and queer,
Favourite anything Western, I’ve got to say, any Sergio Leone / Ennio Morricone combo and the spaghetti Western phenomenon!

About the Author

Lejla is a thinker and creative. Her main medium is writing. Writing what she can’t say, drawing what she can’t write and dreaming that she can’t draw. Her main themes in her practice focus towards understanding her mind. As a Maladaptive dreamer she’s trying to share her vision with the world.

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