The Loner Artist

Working artist, Julia Licht, shares more of her sketchbooks…this time we glimpse the gig economy and all the work a working mother did to support the real work.

Art by Julia Licht
Julia Licht is the featured artist for Mum’s Garage II so rest assured, you will be seeing more of her here at Cream Scene. She sold pet portraits on a golf course but now you can contact Julia directly for all your pet portraiture needs.

About the Artist

Julia Licht is multi-faceted artist currently living in  Savannah, Georgia.  Julia is a graduate of the Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts, where she studied printmaking and painting.  She began her career as a street artist in NYC, selling illustrations of the seedier side of NYC to tourists from around the world.  Her work has appeared in the New Yorker Magazine, as well as other well-known publications.  Her full body of work consists of sculpture, mosaic art, paintings, portraiture, and illustration.  Her works are on display all around the world.Her current work is focused on late night travels along the southeastern highways of the U.S.  Waffle House is a main feature, of course. (Julia licht has been  a single mom of three fabulous girls !) This year she will be an empty nester …

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