I Am In Love, I Think, Can You Help Me? 

She kicks into a rollicking fast guitar of Tomorrow, from Annie, before taking me to school about how to get out of work faster. 

A hybrid piece by experimental poet, Nathan Keller
Art by Caya Crum


I Am In Love, I Think, Can You Help Me? 

“Lotte Lentil ?”

 I am in love, I think, can you help me ?  She is a protestant and a demon and kind of a Garbage song and I want to plant these eyeballs on her,  but it might be nonpossible ?

L: Deary , dreary,  aren’t you still our Dirty Driveller, the man with no anxiety ?  And  what do you want from a garbage person?  

DD:  Yeah,  no, -What I said_– Garbage_song,  as in Shirley Manson,  what had happened, was:  I fell in love with a song. The first time I heard the song I thought I was listening to one of Garbage’s more piano down-a stairs numbers…It was “I torture”….

                                  [Dreamily, singing]  I torture,  

                                 I taught you,  you listened tomorrow

       Then she kicks into a-like-Marnie Stern rollicking fast guitar of Tomorrow, from Annie.  Before she takes me to school about how to get out of work faster.   This is what I used to call female vocalizations?  I meant I guess, a voice higher than Bea Arthur’s and  there are rebel thoughts that go with these too,   something like Houndog’ ,  brown liquor and a kind of a list about   Why we cannot all get along ?  Which is a challenge,  more than revengeant,  have you heard the songs Hal Hartley wrote for his movies ?  Kind of a rebel like if a woman had written Bowie’s Modern Love,  or like  Is that all there is ?  Wild is the wind,  that was a rebel number in my woman’s style.

             Wow,  who can this torn down dress-, Kiss of the Spiderwoman- ,  Go gos, guitar hero-Nina Simone be !  Dear Drivel, I right-away, I think you are signing up for a Crying Game.  What was that name ?

                Yeh…I call her Gerle Haggard.  I donot for sure have that name,  we are not doing that either I donot think, this is not a kind of a naming names and taking notes .   *  Maybe Electra ?  

              You fell in love with a song,  did you think likely that Her might be an A-i?  An artefact ?  _-a rhythm ? 

                No!/yesmmm.  She is an artist with more attitude than arguments.  She is my Graveyard Cleveland, my hangover sleep in a Cleveland graveyard, she regularly sinks to my level,  Lent’le, -ahh,  she might be my her.  The kind of peaceful you rebel women are after with your boundary songs.  But she taught me how to get out of work faster.  What it is ,  you donot eat, donot think, do not drink,  do not look around exactly,  middle of the sing-song thought  abt living for the weekend-, you begin to creep towards the door.  Thunder,  lightning,  asshole right outside the door ?  Never mind about them.  ‘Love? ‘  Begone.    

             Lotte:                          Garbagio…Dear Drivel.  How can I be of assistance to you.  Great ghost of Beverly Cleary! Judy Blume,  what a Yenta and a carpenter can do for you?  

           She is alive .  Ten seconds before she starts in with the song-with the ‘I, tortoise …’  or today it was:  I ,draft horse, you the whip slave,  save your self,  West Virginia.  County road ,  turn me loose ?

 Whispers: Tommorrow tomorrow tomorrow…  But, ten seconds before she starts in, I hear the banging of an empty metal chamber emptying,  like a gate clanging shut!  Or a gun firing 16 rounds. *  It is a poltergiest, it is a ghost, they are alive, it is every_time… And I want to know where she lives.  ‘Want the picture,  even if it is the NO girls-clubhouse, Pottsville, Penn.   

                     * Dreary, you are dreamy .  Give me the song,  “

DD:  You search words Serious Moonlight Sonatas Wfmu Archive 10/19/2019 , and you push the playlist to the last song, get past the last song, and she will jump in with no playlist credit…





   Lentil goes away to her phone,  comes back.

Kind of anthemic,  we like guitar fuzz.  I liked the one about Work-life is a tortoise race and we are not winning. ” we work creepily hard when we should just creep.”  She lives in Louisville and she shares a house .  She likes the way her partner dresses her for work,  she doesn’t like you+like you.  

       Q:   She said that ?       A:   The general gist.

  DD : How does that go ? 

 Lentil: She says she knows the gist of every movie you could have ever seen. It was in the part you were talking about leaving work?: 

          ” My costar dresses me flat chested’ed, like Mira Sorvino,   

I am walking out the movie of your Teen High /  

not making a sound,  don’t look around, 

she hit the Restart,

 the beaty meat of Love-ville…cross the tracks”

            Wow,   I heard something about: “change me, I am fuzz guitar,  like a mirror or vino,/

And walking out of motels 18 and high

and that 

‘not making a sound ‘ etcetera,  but I thought she said to me ” beauty at the heart of love is_

-you cross the tracks”? 

 A little bit softer now, Double Down Dan is feeling that maybe he acted exaggerated…

Mr mumbles a little bit softer now: ” She plays the guitar part to Only Happy When it rains one time through for me everytime. Mr. Whispers ” I only smile in the dark, …ha!  Every time… I am not a robot… Donot slip out the back jack,  better off creeping and crying… at the end of it all you talk to your work pallies and heads will roll spinning…

L:               I liked the parts about : you donot need to think in words

/You know you are absurd…

Are you ready to break up with this electrical love robot ?   Listen to me Drivel,  it takes a mensch.  To be your own pet.

Lentil strokes Brave DD’s chin.

           Allright,  alive.  But maybe she is dead?  Remember what Nick Cave said.           

 Q:               About destroying all robots ? 

A: Noo living with a musician , he said it was a Prison of sound. 

All of us Fops –

you are a singing man, Dapper Dan,  and dandy

all us Fops look to you to see a lonely somebody being a nobody being a mirror,  in public stopping staring into bushes, you are our costar in this city and a floozy.  Our floozy.

    Will your paper dressed Bestie tell you that ?  Doctor Dandy,  you are our Fopping dandy and faster fop, flop  fop fop, the whole verbalistical interference from succubi 2014. You a gentle -I donot know what-, incubus, or gentle man.   

About the Author

Nathan Keller started year thirty chasing that undone novel in the beautiful valley in Oregon.  Peter Stocking appeared  at Nathan’s  26th Street rabbit warren to take him up Mary’s Peak, to the cabin by the mouth of the River Mary.   There, between the rutting elk halloos,  over lentils and bread, with visiting high-waisted modernists, he wrote that book :–_ It’s Smashed Fruit With No_Company Like_Sotitude.   

Next it came about that you can write on anything.  Wrote the next one under the lean to that Batman built in Hundred Acre Woods off of Chasm County Road, Corvallis. Katherine Harrison starred in that one, book, beginning “She came the fall descending…”.   Seminal text,  surely,  rendered in a tent on a Smith Corona.   

About the Artist

Caya Crum is an artist and muralist based in Fort Worth, Texas. Caya’s work is inspired by pop culture references and historical paintings. It varies greatly from watercolor and acrylic paintings to murals and large scale installations. By sharing art, Caya hopes to create memorable pieces that resonate with people and contribute to making the world a better place.

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