It’s just business…

Writing by Vince Thurmon’
Art by Uneventful Dystopia


Keep a foot in the air,

another on the ground,

sprinting toward the sharpest image

highest pixel count,

the newest features, and never

slow down, never settle.

No one wants a stampede;

it’s just business. The participants

unwilling, but afraid to be trampled

succumbing to the abrupt stop.

About the Author

Vince Thurmon is the nom de plume of an Arkansas-born writer raised and living in New Hampshire. He specializes in goofiness and intrusives. Currently, Vince is working toward an MFA in both fiction and poetry. He also copy edits and writes for Cream Scene Carnival Magazine. @vincethurmonwrites -Instagram

About The Artist

Issac Bell is the artist behind Uneventful Dystopia.

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