There are those who choose to remain in fear rather than do the thing that will bring them joy, life, and purpose.

Writing by The Maenad
Art by LE Francis


Let me speak to you now

of those who would live within 

the walled garden of fear

do you know that 

among you there are those

who live in such fear

that they will knowingly

choose to remain in fear

than do the thing that

will bring them joy

life, and purpose?

Do you know of those

who live in such fear

that they would deny their 

own truth and suborn it to

their ego’s fragile and grasping

conception of the world and the 

things that are alive and hostile

within it, living in her 

like some rogue new parasite?

Do you feel any compassion

or even dread for your fellow 

able travellers through this

life, other passengers that sit

alongside us on the railcar 

that rides toward Death?

Will you shake them or try

to spun them free of their

fearful reverie?

Will you help them be free with me?

Will you sit in the box of love and repeat 

your words, words that cry your eyes

and harsh your speech, in the name 

of saving some loved one or another

fellow passenger?  

Would you sacrifice your love for their wisdom?

Give hope to those who have turned away

from you and will not sit and listen

to your words, your experiences

no no no they must instead listen only to their fear.

The dark train goes on forever, full of those who would be free. 

About The Maenad

The Maenad is a long lost LA girl, a six foot one blonde towering over the Seattle skyline.

About LE Francis

LE Francis is a writer, artist, & musician making stuff from the rainshadow of the Washington Cascades. She is the fiction editor at Sage Cigarettes Magazine,, & her debut poetry chapbook, “This spell of star & song,” is available through Bottlecap Press,

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