Children of Gods

We promised the earth (as if she were ours to gift) & set them to work in call centres & factories & department stores & endless cafe chains.

Writing by Sophie McKeand
Art by 51 Pegasi

You’ll see more of Sophie McKeand in the debut issue of Cream Scene’s new sci-fi and speculative mag, Mr. Roboto. It’s gonna be good so stay tuned!

About the Author

Sophie McKeand wants the very act of creation to haul her so far outside her comfort zone that she’s left gasping at the sheer audacity of it all.

She wants the writing of books & creation of performances to be alchemical, metamorphic processes wherein she could not possibly remain the same person who began such wild & reckless tasks.

About the Artist

51 Pegasi is a hallucinogenic trip through a world of Stepford dolls that shimmy their way around a 60’s Nuke Town in a dystopian world that almost was. A pop surrealist fever dream from London-based designer Jenna Patrick, who, let’s be honest, probably spends most of her time making boring things look slightly less boring. But hey, who needs reality when you can escape into a world of pop surrealism and pure unadulterated madness.

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