A. L. Steig’s poem blossoms – and dies – on the vine.

Writing by Anna Louise Steig
Art by Kelly Mckay


This little flower bathes in sultry ponds

Amongst her peers, she’s snow white in the murk

Just like a star, kept pure through heaven’s bonds

They keep her petals safe from those who lurk

And seek to taint her hue, her fragrant air

A beaver bites a cry and shifts downstream

He’s friendly to the flower, motives bare

The peaceful cooperation, what a dream!

To see, to feel, to be kept loved by all

For welfare of the world, their dear mascot

And yet as time drifts on, and soon comes fall

Her nature ignores will: she starts to rot

And dies to sounds of chirping birds and pleas

In peace, for death is that which each birth breeds.

About the Author

pink black and yellow abstract painting

Anna Louise Steig is a young Jewish writer from the Appalachian hills of western Maryland.

About the Artist

kelly mckay is a poet and painter from the philly area. she went to high school with your cousin. she smells like patchouli and american spirits. you can read her work in Voicemail poems magazine, Lunar feminist lit magazine, and others.

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