Kelly McKay is sick of it.

Writing by Kelly Mckay 
Art by emoc


Three of us girls in the department got Botox™ today  

while Tiffany got an abortion because having a third kid  

on a working-class salary is irresponsible she said. She said, “so is being ugly.”  We all pooled together and sent her flowers with blood running  from our foreheads. We made sure she had candy waiting  

for her at her desk, and you couldn’t have  

read an expression on any of our frozen faces the whole time  we were getting the order together and signing the card. I cut  myself shaving today too and noticed for the billionth time all the blood  that was a part of being a woman and how blue it was  

inside of me. I thought about my some-day grandkids,  

and I reasoned through who oversaw us being assiduous.  

It turns out us girls’ clock in again  

tomorrow. Call out sick of it.

About the Author

kelly is a poet and artist living in Philadelphia. she is a proud member of the proletariat, an absurdist, and a lover. you can also read her work in Voicemail Poems mag and Hyphen Lit Mag.

About The Artist

emoc is an enigma

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