Cheap Iced Coffee

Caffeinated Ennui from Vince Thurmon…

Writing by Vince Thurmon
Art by Tunuviel Luv

Cheap Iced Coffee

Does this town need a third Dunkin Donuts? Who needs

that much mediocre coffee? Will it stop me from going?

How much coffee equals eight hours? How else will I

stay awake? What? I’m supposed to sleep?

Stay still a third of my life? If that’s the case, then why

are energy shots front and center at every gas station counter?

Is this too on the nose? Am I not getting to the point? Is there

something I had to say? How deep

can a poem written in a Dunkin Donuts be? Maybe bad coffee

produces bad poets.

About the Author

Vince Thurmon is the nom de plume of an Arkansas-born writer raised and living in New Hampshire. He specializes in goofiness and intrusives. Currently, Vince is working toward an MFA in both fiction and poetry. He also copy edits and writes for Cream Scene Carnival Magazine. @vincethurmonwrites -Instagram

About the Artist

photo of white and purple painting

Tunuviel  is what happens when a theatre kid becomes a raver then a teen mom then a theatre adult. She’s spent the last 15 years as a theatrical property artisan, educator, producer and blood effects designer. She found a camera on the side of the road while lost and now she’s in a full blown love affair with photography. She’s always been a secret poet.

Tunuviel is a Cream Scene team member and the author of the column Ask Your Anarchist Mother.

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