Rainbow Satanic Church

Lower the needle on a Ghost record and enjoy this wildly wicked AI Series by Inbreeder.

About Inbreeder

Behind the Instagram handle @inbreeder_ is Adam Cohen, a Midwest native who received a BFA in painting and printmaking before moving to California almost 2 decades ago. Now based out of the San Francisco Bay Area, Adam works in the commercial photography industry as a photographer, retoucher, and digital technician. In his free-time Adam enjoys being creative using AI services such as Midjourney, Dalle, and Stable Diffusion. When asked about AI image generation and his relationship with this new medium after having a background in photography and graphic arts, he says: “For me, AI image generation bridges a disconnect that I found between photography and other idea-based graphic art making that I have done. It gives me the freedom to bring my ideas to fruition, in a photographic style, no matter how extreme or absurd that idea may be. I also love the semi-instant gratification of creating images in AI, allowing me to pursue many ideas concurrently, which makes me feel more connected to my creative stream of consciousness, which is both exciting and fulfilling.”

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