Glamour Boys

This series by David Edward Johnson is an excavation of culture.

Art by David Edward Johnson

About the Artist

David Edward Johnson is most interested in exploring belief systems, the birth and death of the American Dream, the nature and validity of desire, as well as identity and loss on a personal level. Visually, Johnson’s work lies at the intersection of the organic, the geometric, the iconic, the abstract, and the found. All of that takes shape into mostly large-scale assemblage pieces that hover in between mediums. Johnson’s body of work can be encapsulated in three words :: abstraction, definition and deconstruction. The artist’s works have appeared in juried art shows across the US, in select galleries, have been shown at The Other Art Fair, has been featured on the album art for multi-platinum-selling musical artist Andy Grammer, was chosen from over 100,000 artists to be featured in the Saatchi Art catalog and was selected for inclusion in the London Art Biennale.

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