What a ________ World

There is a stagnant stream that flows underneath Sassafras Street.

Poem by Jake Price
Art by Must Be Dead
woman with face paint

What a ________ World

It’s beautiful outside. 

The gorgeous fog and so the dreary drizzle.

The sidewalks that turn brown when wet,

they’re wet now,

they’re stunning.

Have you seen the water drops pooling inside the tulips?

Or the flies that are drowning in the pools?

I am making all of this up. 

There is a stagnant stream that flows underneath Sassafras Street,

the one with aluminum can boats,

and a cat that lives in the culvert,

and the pair of mallards that take flight at the sight of a camera.

It’s wonderful. 

The stray cat that lived in my back yard, back home, back then. 

The one without an ear,

or fur on its hind legs,

we named her Fancy.

She got hit by a car one night and 

I had to scoop her off the road with a snow shovel. 


I made most of that up as well. 

Isn’t it lovely?

About the Poet

Jake Price is a sophomore student at Susquehanna university pursuing a degree in creative writing. His work has been published in Rivercraft Magazine, Halcyon Days Magazine and Cream Scene Carnival. He was born in Texas and currently resides in Pennsylvania. He has grown an Instagram account, where he posts his poetry, that has over 3,000 followers as of writing this.

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