Smiley Face

Three years before taking down her sexual harasser, Rachel wrote this sketch.

Written by Rachel Richardson
Photo by Pavel Danilyuk
person with stickers on her face

“Smiley Face” 

Cast – Camille  

            (Sitting at a laptop. Speaking while typing) 

Dear Jim,  

I’m writing to find out if I can expect any progress on the thing you said you would do. You’re an asshole. I’m tired of listening to you make promises and never deliver. I’m also tired of you telling me how to do my job. Also, when you make quiet jokes across the table about me texting you late at night, that is sexual harassment. If I report it, I will be accused of blowing things out of proportion and not being able to take a joke so I’m going to let it slide. Again. But the next time you say my daughter looks like you in any way, expect my nostrils to flare and shoot actual fire at your tiny little head.  Delete delete delete… 

Hi Jim exclamation point!  

Please forgive me for littering up your inbox with my inane chatter about work. Smiley face! That’s the thing you do less of than me but get paid more. Winky face! Smiley face! I am so sorry for, well, existing really, but right now for bothering you while you are likely engaged in something very important, like watching a video on your phone. But I was just wondering what I can do to support you and make sure you get all the credit for this project that I am doing all of the work on. Smiley face.   

Delete, delete, delete! 

Dear Jim,  

If I show you my boobs, will you do what you said you would do so we can finish this project?  Send.  


A sketch written 3 years ago, before taking down her sexual harasser and writing about it in the book On Drowning Rats – see the excerpt also published today.

About the Author

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Rachel is a professional advocate for victims of domestic violence, having co-founded Independent Advocates, as well as a professional art coordinator. She holds a Bachelor of Arts in Interdisciplinary Studies with a focus in Sociology and Non-Profit Management from the University of Toledo.

She is the co-author of On Drowning Rats – see the excerpt!

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