Letter from your Editor I

This issue began as a joke, as a way to console ourselves for our advanced years and our hoarded garage of a magazine.

Dear babes,

I hope you enjoyed Mum’s Garage Volume I

This issue began as a joke, as a way to console ourselves for our advanced years and our hoarded garage of a magazine. It seemed like a good name for a catch all issue between issues, where things are more messy. I didn’t expect much to be honest. But I underestimated our little community of artists. We got writing and art that picked up on conversations we started in Issue One – about art, artists and AI. You gave form to a themeless issue. Chris James did a special jello series and Kiki Ren agreed to be our MVP illustrator for Mum’s I. 

We wrangled interviews with Ferg Cooper and B Shawn Cox. 

Jacklyn Henry debuted her column, Transfeminine, and we hosted our first Community Jam. The Garage turned out great and people had fun – as evidenced by the contributor’s page, where we fantasize about what treasures we might like to find in all the junk. 

We’re embracing that part of ourselves that is imperfect…old, decrepit, eccentric.In that spirit, Katy will write to you tonight and share a second piece of Grey Gardens artwork. 

This one is Jesse Davis Karshner, a valued member of our art department.

Speaking of, how ‘bout that Art Director?

We just got so lucky with her. I could cry. I’d try again to name everyone but I’m the last fried prawn on the patio of the Shrimp Hut. Even the seagulls have left me be.

I’d just mess it up. 

But please know that we know. Seriously. Thank you to every member of the team, every contributor, illustrator, writer, artist, columnist, reader, holy wow, you guys are the best. 

Thank you to our IG community, especially those who named us as a favorite lit mag, leading to us being featured by Chill Subs. Tina, you went to the extra effort to spread the word, and it sure means a lot to a mag that is still a baby on its third issue. 

Number Four starts soon and it’s the opposite of Mum’s Garage. It’s darker and deeper and we did not fly by the seat of our pants. In December, we made our ultimate if-only wishlist and we have gotten that list, including an interview with Michael Campbell who will be our featured artist for the art cover. This issue means business! We plotted it for months.

There are workers in the factories. There are fairies in the forest. 

Mayday! Mayday! is coming!

Watch out!


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