Community Jam

Baby Shower is setting up in Mum’s Garage…plus Line of Fire, Jazz-Minero, Shitty Bird and Cakeface.

Art by Katy Somerville

Community Jam

Where members of the Cream Scene community play their music for you.

Baby Shower is perfect for Mum’s Garage.

Their current rehearsal space is a shed and they’re all set to perform a little gig for us as we sort through these boxes in the garage.

Fronting Baby Shower with her scummy, punk, pop, garage, femme punk and slacker rock sounds, we have Alison on vocals and electric ukulele (it’s fantastic). Next up is Sean on a bright orange bass guitar and springs in the bottom of their boots at every gig. 

Alison and Sean have written songs and played music together in various iterations for years but the Birth of The Baby happened in 2019. They found Katie, who proceeded to smile beatifically from her throne behind the drum kit. 

Influences –

The Violent Femmes, Pixies, and Delta Goodrem!

After three years of hoisting the babies from obscurity, Katie recently left the band on the best of terms and now plays in Sick Visor with her partner Alex.

Picking up the drumsticks in the relay is an assortment of talented people who Alison and Sean have met through the Melbourne music scene. As a result, this three-piece band now has a rotating line-up of drummers.

Baby Shower has shared lineups with a bunch of incredible acts, and they seem to have found their favourite home in the queer music scene of Melbourne. They have played alongside some of their favourite bands: Suzi, Leo, and The Lazy Susans.

The band released their debut EP in 2022 and are currently recording their new single set to be released within the next couple of months.

The band’s first single (and experience on big-boy radio) was “Everything sucks and it’s everyone’s fault but mine”.  You can hear it at Bandcamp or Spotify, along with the rest of their very catchy songs and clever lyrics.

Plus that one lyric where your mum might think one of the words is Cunt*. But it’s not. My mum sure did sing it a lot. 

(*I’m in Australia – it’s not as charged a word here, I promise!)

Spotify – Baby Shower

I am Luis, JazzMinero.

Hola Creamers,

I am Luis, JazzMinero.

I live in the southeast of Spain.

I play Electronic Garage Rock music

Sticky music to dance & have fun.

I play everything in my music,

i do all multimedia stuff also.

Everything by myself.

emotion from risk, love & respect.

I wear always a mask, just play my multimedia material, that’s all, forget the person

Proud to be a lgtbq+ happily married member.

these are my footprints:

beck, fat boy slim, dj shadow, beastie boys, atari teenage riot, jon spencer, b-52’s, captain beefheart, link wray, music machine, redd kross, little richard, the clash, stiv bators, built to spill, superchunk, velvet undergroung, the fuzztones,cafe tacuba, los saicos, …..

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Ones song every month since 2022 september:

09/2022 JazzMinero – salvaje
10/2022 JazzMinero – tchsx3
11/2022 JazzMinero – vivir
12/2022 JazzMinero – turbulencia
01/2023 JazzMinero – junto am i
02/2023 JazzMinero – el baile
03/2023 JazzMinero – quierotodo
04/2023 JazzMinero –

Improvisation recordings

just impro. in the moment

makin’ good electronic music

then i destroy that electronic shit and turn into a  mix analog/digital song looking like an electronic garage rock band

guitars, keyboards, voices, lyrics, sampling

then edit edit edit, mix and masterisation

Everything at my little home studio


Cakeface Gets a Life

CAKEFACE GETS A LIFE is a yearlong performance art piece that will be documented through photography and video along with an album of collaborative noise works.

The performances take place on social media and with a live performance.

The alter egos adopted are all genders and seek to develop curiosity from audiences, offend them and make them laugh while the themes of queer identity, childhood trauma and gendered violence bubble under the surface. These characters allow me to understand my own life and critically analyse the effects of new media and technology.

Follow the project along on Instagram @cakefacegetsalife


released March 26, 2022

Guitar – Chris Korczynski

Guitar (and vocals on Obliterate Me) – Frank Rattleback

Bass Guitar – Andrew Cossey

Synth – Cody Scarff

Drums – Christian Irsh Schubert

Recorded by Christian Irsh Schubert at Studio One.Be

Mixed and Mastered by Chris Korczynski

These works would not have been possible without

These works would not have been possible without the leap of faith the band took to engage with the process of improvisation, vulnerability and connection to the vision. I will forever be grateful to have these memories recorded for eternity.

Shitty Bird

Shitty Bird is a noise artist from Montreal, Quebec.

A series of EP’s rooted in ambient drone and lo-fi aesthetics, but incorporating bits from an array of genres. All pieces are written and recorded within one sitting and rely heavily on improvisation.

See Shitty Bird on bandcamp

All Ends is a more accessible album.

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Line of Fire

Cream Scene! Put us in your magazine!

We’re an Austin, TX-based band Line of Fire are alternative funk with a touch of jazz for your aural pleasure since April 2017. Music industry veteran vocalist & keyboard wizard TJ Wade joined forces with drummer Anne Heller to create Line of Fire (as in “don’t get in the line of fire or you’ll get shot”). Shortly thereafter, their informal style of funk, jazz & rock drew the attention of Final 5 Agency of Dallas who booked Line of Fire in many high-profile showcases in Austin before the pandemic. Line of Fire has played a monthly residency at Anderson Mill Pub with R&B mavens John Wayne Posse & perform all over Austin TX and the surrounding area. Their second album GROOVE MONSTER will be released on most all digital platforms on January 21, 2022. Line of Fire has performed at the experimental and outsider music fest Yeast By Sweet Beast 2021 in March, as well as at Carousel Lounge, Sahara Lounge, Austin Music Ranch and Come And Take It Live since venues have reopened. With influences ranging from Stevie Wonder to Prince, from the Beatles to Black Sabbath, J Dilla, Queen, MF Doom, Snoop Dog, Nino Rota, Chopin, Minute Men, Cypress Hill and Beastie Boys, Line of Fire has something for everyone with discriminating musical tastes leaning into hardcore genres.

This is original funk mixed with video game soundtrack sensibilities.

We also have more experimental stuff.

About the Artist

Katy Somerville was beamed into existence on a Monday night in the mid-eighties by stars, glitter, and a glorious Italian woman from a long line of very strong women. In the present timeline, she likes to drink coffee, pat any animal that will engage with her, make collages, and spend time laughing and finding moments of joy wherever she can with her partner and her goofy, lanky dog.

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