Well Dressed Weapon

A poem by Sabrine, the sex ed time traveler.

Writing by Sabrine
Art by Sarah Sunshine Scott

˗ˋˏ ♡ ˎˊ˗

A well-dressed woman is a thing of beauty/

but a well-dressed plus-size woman?/

well/ now/ that’s a weapon.  

A weapon in two wars/

The first a weapon of seduction/ obviously/

The second a weapon in the war/

within women about body types/ sexuality/ and worth/

that to the end of winning that war/

thinner women (and men) at fashion houses/

purposely stop the size ranges from extending to size 20/


if my fellow thicc women were properly attired/ 

my god/ 

we’d have the beauty standard right back up where it belongs/

by the balls and in the upright fists of the thicc women…

About the Author

Sabrine, the author’s nom de guerre, is a trained and certified sex educator.  When she isn’t teaching, writing sex-ed curricula, or singing the praises of non-hormonal birth control, she can be found traipsing around the Midwest looking for furniture to refinish, garden supplies, and dog food.

About the Artist

Sarah Scott is a multimedium artist who spent decades in social work, seeking community healing via art, before pursuing a new career as a tattoo artist. She’s merged these two career paths, by founding Balm, a tattoo studio that is focused on healing-related tattoos, which often means working with scars or old ink that the client has outgrown. Sarah is currently studying to be a death doula.

(Her tattoo flash was shared earlier in this issue.)

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