Darin and Geoffrey imagine an AI sex robot, including how it’s engineered, tested, and brought to market.

“EroTech is the story of Samantha Jenkins, fiery new Silicon Valley CEO, trying to rally her team of misfit engineers and misogynistic managers to release the new Model 6000 on time. Testing is going well, but there’s still a few bugs to work out…
“Bill, the co-founder of EroTech, has brought in Paul Taylor, elite corporate consultant and smooth operator, to help make the launch successful.
Will he and Samantha be able to work together to bring the 6000 to market or is this the spark that makes the whole project explode?
What’s up with Erick, that weirdo from the warehouse?
And is Steve going to be able to get it up before S.A.N.D.I.E. shuts him down?”

About the Artist

Shawn Hainsworth AKA Darin X. Cape. Shawn is the founder of SHP Comics.  A reformed screenwriter and documentary filmmaker, Shawn has found joy and fulfillment in the world of comic books.

About the Artist

Geoffrey Krawczyk has been an artist and designer for over twenty years. His work has graced comics, magazine covers, posters, t-shirts, and has been exhibited around the globe. He’s the cover artist for MFR Magazine and he’s currently hard at work on the next issue of EroTech and his own creator-owned series, The Metaphysical Mr. Fister.

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