An Unfinished House

We asked J. Bird to write about AI art for us and they gave us a house.

For illustration, we turned to another team member. Or two?

Chris James collaborated with AI.

Writing by J. Bird
AI Collab by Chris James

An Unfinished House 

It has taken a great many pieces to build my house. None of which have been imprinted with a name. My house is a mystery to me. I live here now, but I will leave. It is inevitable. In my absence, the house will rot. From afar, I will watch and delight in its decay, as though I am degradation itself. Or will I mourn?

To witness what is good and sturdy lapse into dereliction must be a sin.

Would it be better to gift a blessing to a new adventurer who recognizes the mystery in what is nameless and unknowable? Do I curse them? Maybe I’ll dismantle the thing-Leave its constituents to the will of the world. How can I decide the fate of things I don’t fully understand?

About J. Bird

J. Bird is a multidisciplinary artist from Montreal Quebec, Canada working in literature, music and drawing. They are primarily interested in exploring the uncontextualized, the ephemeral and questions dealing with the concepts of reality and phenomenology in day to day existence. You can hear their music, if you have the stomach for it, on Bandcamp, see their drawings on Instagram, read their crap right here and, soon, on their blog.

About Chris James

Chris is a graphic designer and visual artist who resides in the foothills of the Appalachian Mountains.  He enjoys living a mostly hermitic lifestyle with his family while striving to perfect a range of visual art techniques, honing his culinary skills, and chasing the heels of technological advancements.  His current interests include 3D design, animation, AI technology, and puppet making at the behest of his oldest child.

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