An old myth with an existential twist…

Art by Jesse D. Karshner
writing by d.john hopper


He slid his beaten face across the mucus-slick surface of the tired bathroom mirror. His broken lips moved furiously as he desperately tried to gobble up the essence of the boy facing him. He was a reflected transparency – wide-eyed, bloodied and trembling. He was a haunting with no flicker, a boy with no pulse. His hands fidgeted at the sink, as his bony hips swayed side to side in a mock, sickening dance – but his lips never left the mirror, never left the trails of blood covering the reflected transparency of his face: “I will never leave you. You know that, don’t you.” He whispered to himself: “Never”

About the Author

d.john hopper – creator, editor, publisher of the monthly Inspirational art magazine, and 100subtexts literary magazine. John is also a writer and artist, who regularly posts work across social media – often of an exceedingly dark nature.

About the Artist

Jesse Davis Karshner is a California artist and a member of The Cream Scene Team, working in the Art Department.

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